Week #26 September 1-3

In Park City, Utah during the PRO all referees meetings we did a lot of work on crew communication using our Vokkero systems.  When able, the AR coaches have been listening in during matches and using what they hear to give feedback and instruction.  This week we present one instance from the game in Dallas, where all the crew gets involved in a misconduct situation and you can listen in on their communication. Also, an offside situation where not using the wait and see technique ends an attacking sequence.  Finally, a double offside situation in LA that requires concentration and then a decision whether a deliberate play falls under the category of a deliberate "save" by a defender.

Listen In -- FC Dallas v Portland

Turn the sound up so that you can hear how this crew works thru the giving of a caution.  Fourth official Fotis Bazakos is completely involved in this play as is AR1 Apolinar Mariscal.  Even AR2 Cameron Blanchard, who is at a great distance from the play, comes on in the end to confirm the number of cautioned player.  Let's look at the positives of this situation:

  • 4th official is involved to the point he recognizes the advantage
  • AR1 repeats the number of Portland player who fouled on advantage, just in case
  • 4th official has best angle of foul and states number and type of foul
  • 4th official repeats the number of player to be cautioned - before it is given
  • AR2 asks for confirmation of number
  • Referee confirms information given

This is well done by all.  The information given was clear.  It was concise.  It was complete, confirmed and done in a calm manner.   It also emphasizes the value of a 4th official who is concentrated on the match.

Wait and See in NY Red Bulls v New England

This situation is not offside.  The attacking player in an offside position is behind the defender and does not challenge an opponent for the ball.  He does make a play hoping that the ball will get by the defender, but it doesn't.  The cleared ball lands at the feet of another attacker who tries to keep the attacking sequence going, but since the flag has gone up, it ends.  What a pity for fans of attacking soccer.  Imagine if the defender had accidentally headed the ball into his own net.  No, maybe don't imaginethat, it would be too painful as no one would accept that offside positioned attacker impacted on the play. 

Double Offside in Los Angeles v Columbus

Interesting here is how sure that the defenders and even the announcers are that this is clearly offside....when it's not.  The first situation shows good concentration by Eduardo Mariscal when he doesn't lose track of the second to last defender and allows play to continue. 
The second phase of this play is even more complicated as you can see that an offside positioned attacker gets a shot off in the end.  Was he really offside?  By position, yes, but does LA's De LAGarza deliberately play the ball, or can we even say that he makes a deliberate save as the ball is headed towards the far post and maybe even in?  Does the final offside and shot fall under the category of Gaining an Advantage?
Might as well review that category.

“A player in an offside position receiving the ball from an opponent, who deliberately plays the ball - except from a deliberate save - is not considered to have gained an advantage”

A "save" is when any player (not just goalkeeper) stops a ball which is going into or very close to the goal with any part of his body except his hands.  Does De LaGarza "save" the ball, make a deliberate play or it's just a deflection.  You discuss and decide for now. 

Is this offside - LA v CLB?

Call of the Week #25

Last Week's winner was Kermit Quisenberry with an overwhelming 82% of the vote, which is pretty amazing stuff.  This week we are going to present the Eduardo Marsical offside decision we just discussed in LA versus Jose DaSilva, who was AR2 on the same match.  Which decision is Call of the Week #25.

Eduardo Mariscal

Jose DaSilva

Who had Call of the Week #25