Week #1 - March 6

We are looking at three interesting plays from Week #1 of the MLS season.  Each of the videos has an audio track.

Video #1 is a free kick from the Dallas vs Philadelphia match.  Be aware of this type of tactic on a free kick as this is an offside offense.  It is also important that you use proactive refereeing when you see this type of play developing.  Communication between the referee and the AR is crucial in this type of situation.

Video #2 is also a free kick with LA forward Robbie Keane in an unusual position.  There is a difference from the free kick offside situation in video #1. It is important that you completely understand the meaning of interfering with an opponent and the concepts of "clearly attempting to play the ball" and "impact on an opponent".

Video #3 is a simple cross that hardly seems worth the effort to watch.  However, there was miscommunication between the referee and assistant referee that had the situation been slightly different (players actually in offside position) could have caused potential problems and controversy.  Both referees and ARs need to understand the difference between "deliberate play" vs. "deflection" and in the same vein "action" vs "reaction".   A player's deliberate movement is not always a deliberate play.