Week #32 October 23

The regular season is over and my computer was upset that it didn't qualify for the playoffs and went ahead and quit on me.  So this final weekend there will only be one clip to review. 

When the AR Needs Help

In NYFC vs Columbus, late in the match, Columbus has a goal called for an offside that wasn't.  When you analyze the decision you can see that it is an issue of teamwork with the referee.  The assistant referee from his position cannot clearly see who flicked the ball at the near post as his view is covered by many players and believes that it is played by the attacker behind the defender.  The referee has a clean view of it. 
To avoid this type of error the referee should automatically say "defender, defender, defender" whenever there is a touch (deliberate play) at the opposite post from the AR or in the middle of the mix of players.  The AR can also ask for help if they are not sure of who touches the ball.   The alternative and less optimal choice would be the referee needing to consult with the AR and then over rule him.  This is the type of play that needs to be covered in the pre-game instructions.