Week in Review #19 July 4-5

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The midweek independence day matches did not have many fireworks for the assistant referees to deal with.  Overall another good week as we enter the second half of the season.  So the main purpose of this report are to look at two What Should You Do? situations.  The answer from last week - that saw about 20% of you calling a penalty - and a new offside situation from an NASL match which denied an own goal. 

This week there was a Video Assistant Referee camp in Park City, UT.  Coming soon will be instructions and best practices for assistant referees.  The first official VAR matches in MLS will be the weekend of August 5.


Call of the Week #18 - Winner - Corey Rockwell

Call of the Week #19

For Call of the Week 19 you have a choice between two assistants each making a pair of good decisions.   So really this week it is all about who made the best two calls of the week. 
Eduardo Mariscal made two very good decisions in Vancouver.  The first decision makes you think someone has got to be offside but on review of replay it is actually a pretty straight forward decision as both players start off in onside positions and the first attacker does not touch the ball and, even if he had, the scorer was even with the goalkeeper at that moment.  His second good decision is a nice wait and see as the onside attacker wastes a glorious chance at goal.
Eric Weisbrod made two very good decisions in Portland.  The first decision shows a player who, had he been in offside position, would have needed to be flagged for interfering with an opponent - impact on the goalkeeper.   The goal stands.  The second is another tight decision leading to a goal that is correct due to being in the proper position - even with the far side defender - who is hidden behind another attacker.
Who had the best pair of decisions this week?

Mariscal 1

Mariscal 2

Weisbrod 1

Weisbrod 2

Who had Call of the Week #19?
Eduardo Mariscal - Vancouver v NY Footbal Club
Eric Weisbrod - Portland v Chicago

What Should You Do? – Answer – Montreal v DC United

This is not a foul in a professional match.  The contact is minimal and the Montreal player falls easily on contact.  The referee has a decent position to see the contact and decide whether it is a penalty or not. 
The best course of action for the assistant referee to take is to communicate with the referee that there has been contact by the DC player, but not enough for a penalty.
 Incidents similar to this - situated between the referee and their assistant - are best handle by communication first and then a visual signal if help is needed. On this play the assistant does not have a better view or better angle than the referee and it would not be expected for the assistant to make this decision.

What should you do? - DC v Montreal?
Flag - foul by DC player - Penalty Kick
Communicate - foul by DC player - Penalty Kick
Eye Contact then Flag - foul be DC player - Penalty kick
No flag - there is no foul
Communicate - contact by DC player but no penalty kick
Do nothing - Referee has clear view on incident
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What Should You Do?  North Carolina FC v Miami

This week’s incident comes from the NASL and North Carolina versus Miami.  Is this an offside situation that would save the unlucky defender from scoring on his own goal?   There are two possible offside situations in this clip.
For sake of the educational aspects of this clip, assume that Miami #29 is in an offside position at the moment of the first shot. The camera angle is not perfect, but it is close. (In PRO's estimation - he is even.) 
Select one of the possible choices and add your comments on how you came to your conclusion or choose “Other” and explain what you would do.

What should you do? - North Carolina v Miami?
Offside – MIA #29 interfered with NCFC #22
Offside – MIA #15 Interfered with NCFC #2 forcing him to play the ball.
Offside – MIA #29 did not interfere with an opponent; but MIA #15 did.
Not offside – MIA #29 did not commit an offside offence.
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