Week in Review #16 June 17-18

PRO ARs CJ Morgante and Joe Fletcher before the Australia vs Germany match at the FIFA Confederations Cup.

PRO ARs CJ Morgante and Joe Fletcher before the Australia vs Germany match at the FIFA Confederations Cup.

It is not often that we need to talk about what to do while waiting for a simple throw-in, but the wide angle camera captured an incident in Orlando that none of the crew saw.  Was the outcome correct?  This week we also need to look at a missed offside due to movement to the left near the penalty area, fortunately it only resulted in a corner kick.   Finally we go to the NASL for an interesting decision, is it offside or handball?  What should you do?  
PRO ARs CJ Morgante and Joe Fletcher are in Russia for the FIFA Confederations Cup and performed very well in their first match - Australia vs Germany.  CJ ended up with the busy side of the pitch and if you can find a replay watch the 4 world class decisions he makes at 23, 28, 33 and 40th minute (Joe had the quiet side, but still looked good).

Movement to the Left

On this clip we had to freeze the clip a few frames past the actual pass because the broadcast feed missed that moment (insert sarcastic comment here).  However, you can still see that the attacker who receives the ball is in offside position and will eventually interfere with play. (Nice save, though).  
For us, we need to watch the movement of the AR as this sequence builds, a sequence we see often - poor clearance - defense moving up - ball gets played back in . 
He is appropriately staying square to the field, but his work rate has left him 2-3 yards trailing the second to last defender.  When the ball is played back in his positioning fails him and he doesn't spot the offside. 
Work rate is a conscious decision you continually make during a match as you have to decide how much effort do you need to expend to keep optimal position.   2-3 steps (or even less) can leave you vulnerable to surprise passes like the one in this clip.  Recognize these situations, where defenders are stepping up with attackers in offside position as moments of urgency.

Delay at a Throw-in

There is a lot of context that you need to know about this clip which was not seen on the broadcast feed because the fourth official was preparing a substitute and the cameras were focused there.  It is also the 88th minute and Orlando is trailing by a goal.  For the last 10 minutes Montreal has been using delaying tactics at every free kick and getting "injured"  needing trainers to use the magic spray to heal them.  Montreal's #6 Camara is a prime culprit already having gone down injured (presumably cramping up) without any contact a few minutes previous. (Kudos to referee crew for going with 6 minutes of additional time). 
The referee is distracted with dealing with players,  the fourth official is taking care of the substitution, so this should mean that assistant referees need to be watching the rest of the field.   In the end, the referee will caution Orlando #32 Garcia, but has he dealt fairly with this situation?  As far as he knows, yes. 
One of the directives this season is the delaying of free kicks by kicking the ball away, even a short distance, as this raises the frustration level of players.  Some may argue that since the match is already stopped for the substitution that Camara's actions are not delaying the match, but they are.  Once the referee is ready to re-start the match, the ball will need to be retrieved or re-retrieved if you like.  Camara only kicks the ball away because he knows the referee is not looking.
Advice here is that either of the ARs (most likely AR 1) should have made the referee aware of Camara's actions that caused Garcia to react.  The referee dealt with the misconduct he saw, the ARs need to make sure that he has the whole picture.

Winner - Call of the Week #15 - Jeff Greeson

call of week 15.jpg

Call of the Week #16

We originally selected 5 clips of great decisions for Call of the Week, but eventuallyweeded them down to three choices, because I have a suspicion that we mighthave a runaway winner similar to Jeff Greeson's win last week.  Basically the losers receiving the pity votes from their WAGs. 
This week
1. Adam Wienckowski keeps his flag down as Jozy Altidore is half a step onside in Toronto.
2.  It appeared that ageless wonder Craig Lowry had messed up in New England, but replay (and 300+ matches) says otherwise.
3. Peter Balciunas correctly keeps his flag down in Atlanta, when it sure looked like Afful was offside on the assist.




Who had Call of the Week #16?
Adam Wienckowski - Toronto v DC United
Craig Lowry - New England v Chicago
Peter Balciunas - Atlanta v Columbus

What Should You Do?  Indy Eleven v North Carolina FC

The NASL provides us with a interesting play for discussion.  What should you do?  We show you the best replays available.  You should assume that #9 and #11 Indy were both in offside positions when the ball was crossed and #9 does not touch the ball.  The ball does hit the hand of #13 North Carolina FC.
Take your time before answering and this play deserves comments as voting doesn't explain your rationale. 

What should you do? - IND v NCFC?
Flag for offside - attacker interfered with an opponent
Flag for handball - penalty kick
No flag - Communicate handball to referee
No flag - there was no infraction
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