Week in Review #14 May 30-June 3

All PRO assistant referees are reporting to training camp in Denver, Colorado for Week #15 since there are only 3 matches on the schedule. 

This past week saw the use of good procedure between referee and assistant in the determination of interfering with play.  Two different goal line decisions. Could the assistant have seen that the ball has crossed the line?  A new offside situation for you to weigh in on, what should you do?

Offside Puzzle In Montreal

In Montreal the opening goal was deemed offside, but created some confusion since the assistant's flag was not immediately raised.  
The correct procedure was used.  Since the AR was only able to determine that there was an attacker in an offside position in front of the goalkeeper and he wasn't able to tell if the ball has actually been touched by that attacker or if he has interfered with the goalkeeper,  he stands his ground.  The referee then adds his piece of the puzzle, that the player had interfered.
Once the referee confirms that the attacker has committed an offside offence, it is good practice for the AR to raise his flag to indicate offside.  This helps players, technical staff and fans understand what decision the referee crew has made. 
You can read more about this play on here on the Proreferees.com website where PRO Training & Development Manager Paul Rejer also comments on it.

Two Goal Line Decisions

There were two goal line decisions to be made this past week.  Neither assistant referee was able to see whether the ball had wholly crossed the line.  However, after looking at the best angled replay the ball had entirely crossed the line.
The first situation in Sporting Kansas City is a hard shot from outside the 18 and even though the assistant is immediately sprinting towards the goal line he has no angle to credibly judge whether the ball had entirely crossed the goal line.  Freeze frame replay shows the ball only crossing the line by approximately 2 inches.  PRO instruction on this type of situation where you cannot not be sure,  is do not guess.

The second situation happened in Vancouver and although the assistant referee is better positioned since the play started from a corner kick, he would need to be on the exact goal line to be able to correctly judge the position of the ball.  (He is on the 6 yard line).  The ball barely crosses the line and again, the correct action to take if you are not sure, is to not guess.

Fortunately on both these plays a goal was immediately scored on the rebound. 
rendering mute that the decision wasn't made.


Call of the Week #13- Winner - Kevin Klinger

Call of the Week #14

First choice comes from the aforementioned Vancouver v Atlanta match where Kermit Quisenberry makes two consecutive no flag offside decisions that result in the goal. 
Second choice comes from New England v Toronto.  Jason White keeps the flag down near midfield that starts the goal scoring sequence. 
The final choice is included to give props to Jeremy Hanson for using proper side stepping and staying square to the field when the ball is moving to his left and out of the penalty area.  It is from Vancouver v Atlanta and although the player that receives the ball is clearly onside, Hanson also needs to wait and see that the other offside positioned attacker does not interfere.




Who had Call of the Week #14?
Kermit Quisenberry - Vancouver v Atlanta
Jason White - New England v Toronto
Jeremy Hanson - Vancouber v Atlanta

What Should You Do?  Houston v Atlanta - Answer

This is offside and the majority of you got it right.  55% saw it as a deliberate save with another 20% saw it as a deflection.  Since the ball would have entered the goal the defender's play on the ball is considered a save and frankly, it doesn't really matter then whether you see it as a deflection or a deliberate play. 

What should you do? - ATL v HOU?
No flag - defender made a deliberate play on the ball
No flag - defender made a save, but goalkeeper was behind him
No flag - ball was shot/passed by the defender not attacker
Flag - defender deflects the ball
Flag - defender made a deliberate play but it is a save
Please Specify:

What Should You Do? Chicago v FC Dallas

This week we ask what you should do if you were the AR on this play between FC Dallas and Chicago.  Should the flag be raised?

What should you do? - CHI v FCD?
No flag - defender made a deliberate play
Flag - defender deflects the ball
Please Specify: