Week in Review #6 April 7-9

Assistant Referee Ian Anderson works in the shadow of a Yeti. NBD

Assistant Referee Ian Anderson works in the shadow of a Yeti. NBD

Congratulations to Ian Anderson for breaking the record for a PRO assistant referee to have refereed the Most Matches in Snow in the Same Season.**   Having worked all snow games so far this season, we all stand in awe of this achievement.
The games will heat up soon enough. 
Another good week (zero KMI errors) is highlighted by assistance on a penalty kick decision, unusual because both assistants contributed,  also, the importance of concentration for 90+ minutes and we have an answer from FIFA concerning the offside "ducking" incident from last week's Houston v NY Red Bulls match. 
Don't miss viewing the offside call made in Real Salt Lake v Vancouver that had some strange distractions that had to be overcome to make it a candidate for Call of the Week #6. 
** Fotis Bazakos also broke the record for 4th Official MMISSS.

Penalty Kick Assistance in Philadelphia

As seems oft the case, PRO Training & Development Manager Paul Rejer has spotted good work by an assistant referee and then written about it on the PRO website's Play of the Week, stealing the thunder from this site. You can read it here. 
The point of repeating it is to additionally point out that both ARs (and fourth) contribute to make sure that the team doesn't commit an error in application of the Law. 
AR 2 has contributed by letting the referee know that the foul has occurred on the penalty line, thus inside the penalty area.  AR 1 and the fourth, even with the communication system, are not sure that the referee has considered the DOGSO punishment correctly - caution or send-off.  With the new instructions from FIFA, if the foul has occurred in the penalty area (it does) and there is attempt to play the ball (there was and you should err in this direction) then a caution is correct.  Move the play a foot outside the penalty area and the correct result is a send off.
Not wanting to let the team down at such an important moment, AR 1 and the fourth take the responsibility to make sure that the referee has considered all the information.

Concentration 90+

At the end of the season, when play off positions and seeding is determined, one of the first tiebreakers is goal differential.   Every year there is at least one team that needs one more for or one more less. That is why assistant referees cannot let their guard down at the end of matches and referees cannot ignore adding time appropriately - no matter the score.
In Dallas, PRO AR Brian Poeschel needs a good sprint at the 93rd minute to make sure he is in position to correctly judge that FC Dallas Akindele is in an offside position at the moment the ball was shot, invalidating the goal scored on the rebound because he has gained an advantage.  It is also nice when the penalty area line is right there to help you make the decision. 
We will have to wait until October to find out how this decision may have affected each team's playoff position.

Offside or Not - Houston vs NY Red Bulls

After sending this clip to FIFA for evaluation and finding out that they had already grabbed it for their use in future instruction, we have this answer.
--It is offside, based on the concepts of the LOG.  There is an action that has impact on the ability of the opponent to play the ball.  Yes, the player does not make a clear attempt to play the ball because he is trying to avoid it.  However, the action has an impact, he is near to the GK and anytime that a player is in front of the GK within the area of his vision (not line of vision) and so close, we have to be aware that this in itself may have an impact, so more so when there is an action or movement.--
Whether you agree or not, you can see the results of our polling are leaning in FIFA's direction.

Is this play offside?

Call of the Week #6

Brian Poeschel did win Week #5 with 56% of votes, his prize is that he doesn't have to work a match in the snow. 
For Week #6, candidate number one, Kevin Klinger had to not only deal with a snow covered field that covered grass cut lines, but other distractions.   Candidate two is Craig Lowry who determines that Kei Kamara is onside for New England's second goal.

Klinger - RSL v VAN

Lowry - NE v HOU

Who had Call of the Week #6?
Kevin Klinger - Real Salt Lake v Vancouver
Craig Lowry - New England v Houston