Week in Review - The Playoffs

Except for the three assistant referees assigned to the final, the 2017 season is complete.  For PRO ARs it has been a successful season as we analyze some of the regular season's data.
As a group PRO assistant referees had a 96.9% level of accuracy in offside decision making.  The Key Match Incident (KMI) offside accuracy rose from 78.8% in 2016 to 94.2% this season.    These positive numbers can be attributed to PRO assistants commitment and dedication to prepare themselves for every match and then have a high work rate during those matches.   Overall there were over 2,000 perceptions test taken during the season.
In this Week in Review we will look at some of the decision during the playoffs.  There were a couple of errors in the early games, however fortunately, they did not affect the teams that moved on to the later rounds. 
We also left some unfinished business with the offside decision in San Jose v Minnesota, we know have FIFA's input on the decision.
Was there an offside infraction on Seattle's first goal in Leg 2 versus Houston? - you decide - and finally, who had the Call of the Playoffs?

Answer - What Should You Do? San Jose v Minnesota

The final weekend of the regular season we presented this play in which most of you responded correctly.  
This is not offside.  This is a deliberate play and goal should have resulted.
There is no challenge for the ball by the attacker, yes he runs, but he is many meters away and the ball is not within his playing distance, in addition, the defender has many options like bringing the ball down, letting it go through, playing it away from goal, trapping it, etc. and none of them are influenced by the attacker, he chose to head it and did poorly. It meets all the concepts of deliberate play.

What should you do? - SJ v MN?
Flag for offside right away - he is only attacker in the area
Flag for offside - attacker challenges for the ball
No offside - defender made a deliberate play
Please Specify:

Offside on First Goal in Seattle?

Check the first goal scored in Leg 2 of the Seattle v Houston.  Was there a hint of offside?  Only connoisseurs of offside will notice the possible interfering with an opponent in this play.  The new guidance in Law 11 for 2017-2018 states that a player in offside position who impedes an opponent must be penalized.  However, it also stipulates that it must impact on the ability of the opponent to play or challenge for the ball.   Is there enough on this goal for offside to be called?  What should you do?

What should you do? - SEA v HOU?
Offside - attacker impedes the defender when he makes contact
Offside - attacker impedes the defender by blocking his run
No offside - attacker interferes/impedes but has no impact on play
Please Specify:

The Best Call of the Playoffs

As we have done 33 times this season, we need to make one more decision on who had the Call of the Week- in this case - Call of the Playoffs.  So I submit these four gems for you to consider.  First Adam Wienckowski in Vancouver.  Peter Balciunas and Corey Parker both had big decisions in the second leg of the Houston v Seattle series.  The final choice is not about offside, but a goal line decision that quite frankly shows excellent movement by Corey Rockwell to get to a position to make the right decision.   Who did it the best?





Who had Call of the Playoffs 2017?
Adam Wienckowski - Vancouver v San Jose
Corey Parker - Seattle v Houston
Peter Balciunas - Seattle v Houston
Corey Rockwell - Toronto v Columbus