Week in Review #30 September 27-30

How much interfering with an opponent do you need to call offside?  How little does it take to cause a goalkeeper to miss time a clearance?  We look at two plays this week where there is a possibility that an offside positioned attacker interfered with an opponent...and went unpunished.
We also spotted a little referee/assistant teamwork in San Jose v Chicago that we want to highlight for the benefit of others.

A little interfering with an opponent?

Did you notice the possible interfering with an opponent on the first Philadelphia goal versus Los Angeles?  Watch the goal again, but focus on the actions of Philadelphia's #17 Sapong who appears to step back into the path of the LA defender causing him to slightly veer to get into a defensive position.   Does the action of Sapong rise to the level of interfering with an opponent?
In our opinion, no, as the defender is still able to get into position and is not clearly impacted by the offside positioned attacker.   That opinion would certainly change if the defender was tripped or was actually blocked by Sapong.

What Should You Do?  New England v Atlanta

Interesting no offside call in New England when Atlanta goalkeeper Brad Guzan comes out to punch a cross away, with two offside positioned attackers charging in.  The keeper badly miss plays the ball sending it barely over the bar while then crashing into the attacker.  Did the two attacker's actions impact the keeper, causing him to miss judge the cross?  Should the flag have been raised for offside instead of giving the corner kick?  What Should You Do?

What should you do? - NE v ATL?
Flag for offside right away to avoid a collision
Flag for offside, the attacker's actions impacted the keeper
No flag, notify referee of offside position of attacker, let him decide
No flag - the attacker's actions had no impact on the keeper
Please Specify:

A Little Teamwork

A little teamwork that saved a flag having to be waved down (it almost went up) was spotted in San Jose v Chicago.  Watch the clip closely as you may not initially see that the pass was played by a defender. 
The AR sees that the offside positioned attacker has interfered with play but is unsure who made the pass.  He questions the referee (thru the communication system) with "who played it", and gets the answer"defender" just in time to keep his flag down.  
Simple effective communication.  Which comes from a good pre-game meeting to determine what phraseology best works for referee and the ARs.

Winner - Call of the Week #29 - Kevin Klinger

29 week.jpg

Call of the Week #30

With 3 weeks left in the regular season, 3 choices for Call of the Week #30.  Who did better in San Jose v Chicago?  AR 1 or AR 2?  Eduardo Mariscal and Peter Balciunas both has good decisions in this match.  Then there is Gianni Facchini in Toronto v NY Red Bulls where a deflected shot falls at the feet of what a first glance appeared to be an offside attacker.  You pick.

Eduardo Mariscal

Peter Balciunas

Gianni Facchini

Who had Call of the Week #30?
Eduardo Mariscal - San Jose v Chicago
Peter Balciunas - San Jose v Chicago
Gianni Facchini - Toronto v NY Red Bulls