Week 18 - Review of PK in Toronto v NY Red Bulls

7/1 - Toronto v NY Red Bulls
Review for Penalty Kick - Handling 

Angles used by VAR to make recommendation

What Happened:   The referee, Chico Grajeda, initially awarded a corner kick following a goal area scramble, where there was a possible handling by NYRB Tim Parker. 

Video Review Timeline:
:03 VAR Jon Freemon begins looking at the possible handling after seeing the initial action.  Referee also alerts him that there may have been a handball. 
:09 Finds the point of contact on the ball using camera Tight 1
:19 Loops the video at 50% to see if the ball was stopped and actually handled
:23 AR1 alerts VAR of possible offside on the shot on goal
:30 VAR determines there is a handling offense and then needs to go back to check for offside
:42 Using Tight 1 and Right 18 determines no offside on first pass
:48 Using Tight 1 and Right 18 sees the TOR #18 is in a very close offside position but not interfering on the shot
:52 Plays footage forward and sees that TOR #18 possibly challenges for the rebounded ball which would be interfering with an opponent. 
1:02 Goes back to determine offside position of TOR #18 - which is not clear - appears even - makes a determination that there is no offside on the play
1:18 Contacts referee and recommends an on-field-review for penalty kick handling. 
1:30 VAR prepares Tight 1 angle to show point of contact to confirm player touched ball and explains to referee what he will see as he walks towards the RRA
1:45 Referee arrives at RRA
2:00 VAR warns referee of player behind him, who is cautioned
2:12 Referee is shown Tight 1 at 50% in a loop
2:25 Referee agrees with VAR and leaves RRA
2:28 Confirms with VAR the the offside was checked prior to the handling
2:45 Referee makes signal and awards the penalty kick.

First ever yellow card for entering the RRA.

PRO's Opinion:  Handling offenses are one of the more difficult decisions to make in live play due to the very subjective nature of handling and even with video review it does not get any easier.  In this case, NYRB defender Tim Parker had clearly and obviously moved his hand to the ground and handled the ball, even though that contact on the ball is minimal it allowed his team mate GK Robles to push the ball out of danger. This occurred before any contact or push by the Toronto attacker.  Due to having to check for the possible offside and the interruption and caution of the review by NYRB #90 this review was not a efficient as usual. 
This was a good use of the video review system.

What is your opinion? - TOR v NYRB - Is this a correct review for a penalty kick - handling
Yes, it was a clear and obvious handball and the penalty kick was correctly awarded
No, it was Not a clear and obvious handball, PK should NOT have been awarded
Video/Incident is inconclusive - Decision on the field should have stood

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