Week 11 - May 9

5/9 - Atlanta v Sporting KC
Review for offside in the APP leading to a goal. 

Atlanta v Sporting KC - VAR images of the review.

This incident involves a subjective decision about offside. 
 ATL #7 was in an offside position at the moment that it was last played by a teammate (#8).  However, the ball was either played or deflected by a SKC defender #94 before it went to ATL #7 who scores. 
The review was recommended by the VAR because they believed that there was an clear and obvious error in the application of offside - gaining an advantage -  in the APP leading to the goal. 
This is not a factual decision (#7 is clearly in an offside position) but rather subjective as to whether the actions of the SKC player was a deliberate play (not offside) or a deflection (offside).  Thus the referee must go to the RRA monitor and make the final decision.  
In this case the referee decided that it was a deflection, overturned the goal and restarted with an indirect free kick for the offside infraction. 

deliberate v deflection.jpeg

PRO's Opinion:  In Law 11 FIFA does not specifically define "deliberate play" however they have provided guidance over the years.  The image here shows a simplified list of considerations for determining deliberate play which can be used to judge this situation and others like it.  The referee used these considerations to make his final decision.
The ball is moving towards the SKC player with some speed, the player makes an instinct reaction to block the pass while off balance and stretched out.  The ball deflects to ATL #7.  The overall movement of the defender is seen as a reaction and not an action. 
Other considerations are whether you believe that the player had time and space to make a deliberate play, did the player take a step towards the ball before playing it, did the player have control of his body.   These are the various components that make up this decision and in PRO's opinion this is not a deliberate play but a deflected pass. 

As this is a subjective decision your opinion may vary.  Please feel free to answer the poll below. 

What is your opinion? - ATL v SKC - Is this a correct review for offside in the APP leading to a goal.
Yes, it was offside and the goal was correctly rescinded
No, it was NOT offside and the goal should have stood
Video/Incident is inconclusive - Decision on the field should have stood