Week #8 April 19-21

Am I the only one that was completely confused all week with the Parley uniforms? Couldn’t tell who was who…and none of our officials could go out in black, which really looks sharp!
This week we look at an overturned goal in San Jose with a special analysis of the importance of body language. This is good practice for everyone….imagine you’re always on camera.
Some late information from the AR in Atlanta and the answer to What Would You Do?

Overall this was a good week for PRO ARs. The trend keeps moving up and there was some really excellent ARs working Generation Adidas this past week in Dallas. Strong future ahead.


Delayed Flag and Body Language

San Jose v Sporting KC
(I think…the uniforms are the same as the other 12 games)


We’re taking this moment to focus on the delayed flag process and, as Ursula reminds us, - the importance of body language.

The Process:

1. Close offside decision.
2. You’ve shouted “Delay, Delay, Delay”. You’ve sounded the part in doing so 😊. Check
3. You’ve continued to follow play to the best of your ability 😊. Check
4. Ball goes into the net 8 seconds later. Your flag goes up. You’ve shouted “I have offside”. You’ve sounded the part in doing so 😊. Check

At this point, the players, fans, coaches and everyone watching on TV, will be looking right at you.
Your body language is now on full display.
A few things to help make believers of everyone:

  • Stand tall.

  • Signal normally. You are not in a rush.

  • Don’t lower your eyes, Don’t lower your head.

  • Avoid extra movements such as wiping your face. (If we were playing Poker this might be a “tell”)

  • It is not necessary to exaggerate your signals.

  • After your flag work is complete, look like you know that you're correct. Be confident and act as if the VAR’s check is merely a formality. After all, with VAR Delay, you know the answer is offside.

In this instance, that VAR Delay flag was correct, but the offside decision was wrong and then correctly reviewed to give the goal. Still that doesn’t change what the AR’s mechanics and body language should look like.

Additional Advice: Every time you put the flag up for any decision, imagine that the cameras are on you. Hold the flag up a just a wee bit little longer than normal, let them see it, let them see you.

Late Information

Sound on

Atlanta v Dallas 90th minute

It would have been a uniquely embarrassing situation to have an on-field review, make the second Video Review signal, and then have to change that reviewed decision again, by going back to the monitor for an offside in the APP!
In this clip, the AR has a possible offside on his mind that happened just prior to the penalty area incident. (If you watch closely ATL’s Shea is in an offside position on the ball that was played wide to the wing.)
The call on the field is goal kick, the VAR recommends at review for a penalty kick (not seen on the clip), and then the clip skips forward to the referee finishing the on-field review. You can see that the referee has left he RRA, is making the second video review signal and pointing to the penalty spot. At that point, in somewhat of a panic, the AR reminds the VAR about a possible offside in the APP, which you can hear leaves the VAR confused. This information is just too late.
While this is good information for a VAR to know while reviewing a possible penalty kick; this information must be relayed immediately, not after the referee has left the monitor. It can save time and avoid the need to review two incidents. Had there actually been an offside in the APP, this could have been very embarrassing for the crew.
ADVICE: The moment to relay information about a possible offside is when the VAR is either in their check, or once they have recommended a review and the referee is headed to the monitor. If no review was recommended the information about a possible offside is not needed (as checking the offside would not be part of the VAR protocol)

A Complete PRO AR performance

Cutting a few clips wouldn’t quite do this justice.  LA Football Club v Seattle showed some really good assistant referee work.
One assistant referee staring into the sun for a good portion of the match, the other AR continuing a successful return from major surgery.  Both put forth a solid performance and Mike Rottersman and Ian Anderson played an important part of this being the entertaining match that it was.  It demonstrates the importance of the assistant referee and how getting the call right on the field adds to the spectacle for everyone.  You can see a lot of this good work by just watching the highlights. Watch the highlights here.

What Would You Do?
FC Cincinnati v Real Salt Lake

This is Offside – Interfering with an Opponent.
As a general rule, where an offside positioned attacker makes physical contact with an opponent, they are considered to have interfered with that opponent for the purposes of Law 11.
In this case, offside positioned attacker #50 impacts the ability of defender #2 to close down the ball.
The AR here relayed the information to the VAR for them to check as part of the APP leading to the goal. Due to the attacker cutting back the ball, passing to a different attacker and that the interfered with defender was not the first defender to challenge for the ball, he did not feel it met the threshold of clear and obvious error.

What Would You Do? - CIN v RSL
Offside - Interfering with an Opponent
Offside - Interfering with Play
Offside - Gaining an advantage
No offside

Winner - MLS Call of the Week #7 - Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson just sneaks past Felisha Mariscal

Ian Anderson just sneaks past Felisha Mariscal

MLS Call of the Week #8

Two choices this week from the many good decisions over the weekend.
Jeremy Hanson in Vancouver who keeps his flag down on this gaining an advantage situation when the ball comes off the crossbar.
Surely, he must be offside in San Jose v Sporting Kansas City where Eduardo Mariscal keeps his flag down on an offside situation that looks very similar to the perceptions test and the instant feedback practice done at training camps.

Jeremy Hanson

Eduardo Mariscal

Who had Call of the Week #8?
Jeremy Hanson - Vancouver v LA Football Club
Eduardo Mariscal - San Jose v Sporting KC