Week #4 March 23-24

With only 5 matches in Week #4 there were not a lot of moments where PRO assistant referee were able to showcase their talents. However we can highlight a very well done delayed offside flag in LAFC v RSL and an offside that came from a corner kick that needed a flag.
There was another offside decision in LAFC v RSL that created a bit of controversy for Salt Lake fans, but it really was a nothing burger for PRO ARs and it features as one of our Calls of the Week choices.

Well Executed Delayed Flag

Audio On

The last few weeks we have emphasized when it is appropriate to to use the delayed offside flag to allow for the use of video review to check the accuracy of the decision if a goal is scored.
In LAFC v RSL, PRO AR Felisha Mariscal delayed the flag when she spotted RSL’s Saucedo in an offside position. Once Saucedo shot and scored a nice goal she raised her flag. The VAR was then able to check the accuracy of the decision and confirm the offside.
There is another side to this offside decision and that is the audio portion. Listen to the clip and hear how there is an immediate “delay, delay, delay” to alert the referee that a flag is coming and then the “off, off, off”. The referee then relays to the VAR that the on field decision is offside. This is best practice from a communication standpoint.
If you listen carefully, you might hear the referee say “are you sure” when the flag goes up. Silly question referee! A PRO AR would not be putting the flag up unless they were sure.

Goal Kick vs Offside Flag

In the third minute of the match FC Dallas v Colorado, a corner kick play results in a rebound off a post. There is an attacker who then gains an advantage when he takes a first time shot that goes into the side netting.
After some brief communication the referee gives a goal kick.
We can’t fault the movement of the AR who has read the positioning of the players and adjust quickly. When the offside happens he is in good position to judge and decides to delay the flag and allow the shot to be taken. Once the ball has gone out he communicates with the referee that he has offside but doesn’t raise the flag. PRO wants a flag in this instance.
Some may argue that the restart of goal kick or offside will virtually be in about the same position so what difference does it make. However we have stated that there always must be a raised flag after a delayed flag offside decision to show that a decision had been made. Watch the reaction of the players — not raising the flag contributes to dissent, and a perception that the decision has been missed.
Raise the flag, if the referee decides to give a goal kick, that’s a choice they can make, but with the flag up, players will understand that the offside was seen.

Winner - MLS Call of the Week #3 - Felisha Mariscal

Corey Parker takes Week 3 home by a landslide.

Corey Parker takes Week 3 home by a landslide.

Corey Parker

MLS Call of the Week #4

Felisha Mariscal is back in the mix with a no flag decision in LAFC v RSL. The attacker is in a clear offside position on the pass, but we applaud the patience in waiting to see if he interferes with play. The defender cuts off the pass so there is no offside offence. Don’t know about you, but we don’t see anything controversial in this decision.
Jeff Hosking also had a nice no flag offside decision for a FC Dallas goal. Clearly correct.
Who had the better decision?

Felisha Mariscal

Jeff Hosking

Who had Call of the Week #4?
Felisha Mariscal - LA Football Club v Real Salt Lake
Jeff Hosking - FC Dallas v Colorado