Week #28 September 11-14

Interfering with an Opponent

This week we look at and Interfering with an Opponent and what role the assistant referee plays and the assistant VAR plays. In many ways it is a review of the basic mechanics to make sure that in the end the decision is correct.
There is also some instruction for the AVAR when there is a secondary incident while the VAR is checking a previous play and this week Call of the Week is between a Wait and See offside decision and a penalty kick assist that is clear and confident.

Secondary Incidents and the AVAR

This video is included this week as a reminder for all those who work as an AVAR. The point of emphasis is included within the video.
As the playoffs are fast approaching, and teams battling for position with not much separating them, all of our decisions become that much more meaningful.

Interfering With An Opponent

Learning Points for the Assistant Referee

In situations such as these, we cannot forget our basic mechanics:

  • Take the offside picture in your head

  • When there is an offside positioned attacker who could have potentially interfered with an opponent + a goal scored, do not run up field, rather stand at attention.

  • Have an opinion on whether you believe there was an offside offence, as the referee may not have an angle to help make this decision

  • Communicate to the referee and reach an on-field decision

  • If necessary, call the referee over to ensure this discussion happens effectively

Learning Points for the Assistant VAR

When in the booth, remember these concepts:

  • Line of vision is not the only consideration, remember that an obvious action that has a clear impact on the opponent’s ability to play the ball matters.

  • A goalkeeper must react from distance in order to be able to make a save

  • A goalkeeper shouldn’t be put at an unfair disadvantage when there was an opportunity to make a save

  • The proximity of the offside positioned attacker matters when making the determination of interference

  • It should be clear and obvious to everyone (more than just referee specialists) in order for an on-field review to be recommended

Winner - MLS Call of the Week #27 - Gianni Facchini

Facchini by a whisker…

Facchini by a whisker…

MLS Call of the Week #28

To consider the quality of the first clip, you need to listen to the audio, where Kyle Atkins assists with the giving of a penalty kick with a clear and confident voice. The second clip is a good wait and see decision, with a pair of back to back offside decisions by Mike Rottersman. Who had the Call of the Week #28?

Kyle Atkins

Mike Rottersman

Who had Call of the Week #28?
Kyle Atkins - Toronto v Colorado
Mike Rottersman - LA Galaxy v Sporting KC