Week #27 September 7

DOGSO and the Assistant Referee

This week we look at DOGSO situations and the Assistant Referee’s role in these situations. More specifically, we examine the window of opportunity that exists where there is a counter attack and the Assistant Referee is likely to be called upon.
Also we provide the answer to the two What Should You Do? surveys. The answers prompted us to add another video explaining the concept of Wait and See.
Two long pass offside incidents are the choices for Call of the Week #27.

Counter Attacks and DOGSO

Watch the following two videos which feature counter attacks with DOGSO incidents and pay attention to the teaching points therein:

Some points to remember:

  • We want the decision on the field to be correct without VAR

  • We need to be prepared to take the “goal scoring opportunity” picture the same way that we take a picture for “offside position”

  • We prefer the optic where the referee makes the decision without taking out the wrong card

  • We need to be ready for that moment when a referee might look over for our opinion

  • We need to give that opinion over the radio even if the referee doesn’t look over

    • We also need to accept that the referee might not agree (and not cry about it)

  • We need to be ready to give the foul, and give the related misconduct

  • The flag signal can be delayed 1 second to avoid any bad optics with an advantage given

  • We have the ability to use the radio before beginning a flag signal, and must be comfortable doing both activities at overlapping moments

What Should You Do?
Saprissa v Aguila

For the sharp eyed AVAR types, the attacking player who is eventually fouled was actually in an offside position at the taking of the free kick.

  • Due to the proximity of the ball, the offside offence (interfering with an opponent) occurs prior to the holding offence.

  • For the reasons above, the correct answer is offside

  • If the attacking player who was held was not in an offside position, the correct answer would be to award the penalty kick

  • Advantage CANNOT be applied & a goal awarded because the second phase is clearly offside regardless of a touch or not by the attacking player who was fouled.

Of the choices available:
“Ignore the referee” is never a good choice.
”Go with referee's advantage - give the goal“ - as explained above, is just wrong.
”Other” did have some correct answers, but also some interesting ones and several that wanted to see a red card. (The poll was open to the general public, so these answers are not necessarily from PRO assistant referees.)

  • PK, Send off for DOGSO for holding

  • Appears all 3 are in offside position as ball is played - appears to be foul prior to offside IP

  • Penalty - Yellow Card:SPA (no dogso as it's a possible gso not obvious gso)

  • Penalty kick, send-off for DOGSO no attempt to play the ball (holding foul)

  • Red card the defender for DOGSO hold; award PK

SAP v AGU - What would should you do?
Go with referee's advantage - give the goal
Ignore the referee - give the offside
Please Specify:

What Should You Do?
Bethlehem v Swope Park Rangers

Answer: Offside for Interfering with an Opponent.

The attacker moves into a position that would cause the defender to have to alter his run to defend. This would clearly impact the ability of the opponent to play the ball.

Over 60% voted “No Offside – Play on”.
As a result, see this video to help provide some context to this decision –
For clarification, it is the expectation that the AR would not use VAR delay, and would flag immediately once the offence occurs.

BST v SPR - What would should you do?
Flag Offside Immediately
No Offside - Play on
Please Specify:

Winner - MLS Call of the Week #26 - Jeremy Hanson

Both winners in our book, but the masses have chosen a favorite.

Both winners in our book, but the masses have chosen a favorite.

MLS Call of the Week #27

Long passes from the left of the assistant referee are the two choices for Call of the Week. Both feature very tight decisions where benefit of doubt was correctly given to the attack….and we like that. Gianni Facchini and Jason White are the ARs to pick this week.

Gianni Facchini

Jason White

Who had Call of the Week #27?
Gianni Facchini - NY Football Club v New England
Jason White - FC Cincinnati v Toronto