Week #22 August 3 -4

Good Habits

We often have emphasized that PRO assistant referees have certain traits that give them the best possibilities of consistently making correct decisions. For the top ARs these become habits that are used in every match. In this week’s report we display some good habits that were used in Week 22 of the MLS season. Good habits that all ARs should have.
Last week was the second anniversary of the introduction of Video Review into the league and since the inception we have been working on perfecting the VAR delay and that will continue. Although we show an instance where VAR delay was forgotten, we will be introducing more practice for everyone.

Great Work Rate Habits

There were more positive examples from PRO ARs this week, showing the determination to be in the best possible position at all times.  
In this clip, you’ll see two sequences.  The first where the AR exhibits energy on a play that has very little risk of anything happening.   Why?  
Watch the second sequence.

  • To be an elite AR, we have to react to some situations in under a second

  • An AR needs the best angle of view to make good decisions

  • Muscle memory can help increase our reaction time

If we make it a habit to be ready to keep up with play whenever possible, it will not be out of the ordinary when we have to call on 100% speed whenever it’s necessary.

Great communication

Even world class ARs demonstrating all the ‘best practice’ traits of effective communication will still fail to get the referee to do what is desired. 

  • The job description demands that you take responsibility and give the information when you can clearly see the incident

  • The job description asks that you give this information in a clear, concise and confident manner

  • The job description requires that you give this information in a timely fashion

  • The job description also demands that you accept what decision the referee makes in the end

In this case, the PRO AR could have saved us an on-field review, but more importantly, that PRO AR has built up some credibility with his fellow referee peers.  
That credibility leads to trust, and that trust leads to referees wanting you on their team.

Occasionally, it can happen

Coming soon will be a VAR delay survey.
The specific purpose is to see what everyone believes are situations where we should use VAR delay or not….and if we do delay, when the flag should ultimately go up.
Safe to say this clip is a bit too clear and thus will not make that survey.

Winner - MLS Call of the Week #21 - Jeff Hosking

Jeff Hosking ran away with the prize for Week 21

Jeff Hosking ran away with the prize for Week 21

MLS Call of the Week #22

Since we have been placing a lot of emphasis this year on communication, we have to put the correct comms in Seattle that eventually lead to a penalty kick by Frank Anderson for one of the choices for call of the Week. It will be up against the quality of Mike Kampmeinert who has correctly kept the flag down when everyone was expecting a flag for offside. The one defender stepping up a moment too late.

Frank Anderson

Mike Kampmeinert

Who had Call of the Week #22?
Frank Anderson - Seattle v Sporting KC
Mike Kampmeinert - Real Salt Lake v NY Football Club