Week #18 July 3 - 7

Hot Stretch Ahead

The end of July has a very large number of games between MLS and the many international friendlies. It is important that you not let your work rate drop for any of the matches. So this week we highlight a portion of a match where an AR has a drop in work rate.
There is also advice on how you should to communicate if confronted with a DOGSO incident and you will want to look at the choices for Call of the Week which highlights a red card involvement up against as fantastic wait and see offside decision.

High Work Rate

We’ve all been there.  
The weather is just horrible -  It might be brutally hot and humid - It could be a torrential rainfall -  The game might have been delayed multiple hours or even postponed until the next day -  It might even be your 4th game in 13 days.  
While various reasons can exist for it, we must do our best to always give our best in the 90 minutes. 

  • The PRO Assistant Referees are the role models for all young and aspiring match officials

  • People expect that PRO Assistant Referees work hard and as a result, make very few errors

  • PRO Assistant Referees cover all potential issues, just to prevent those potential issues from turning into problems or mistakes

In this clip, the AR is simply not switched on.  While the reasons why are multiple, this clip serves as a warning of the risk one runs by being shut off. On this night, we get lucky and get away with it.  Tomorrow, we might not.


Input on DOGSO Situations

There have been a couple of DOGSO situations this year where the assistant referees have been reluctant to say “Red”.  In these situations, it has been the assistant referee who gives the foul.  As such, we expect that the AR will also give the appropriate level of misconduct.  Some of the lines being heard are:

  • Only Yellow

  • At least a yellow

  • Are you thinking about DOGSO?

  • No opinion given

While it’s been said before, it’s worth repeating that if the assistant referee is telling the referee to give a red card, the AR MUST SOUND CONVINCING

In this clip, the AR doesn’t give an opinion on the misconduct, and only reports that there is holding. There is a small window from when the referee blows the whistle and decides to show yellow. It may require a “whoa” or a “wait” to try and widen that window to convince the referee to do otherwise. The key here is for the AR to take the correct snapshot/picture. We are collectively very good at freeze frame pictures with offside decisions, so we just need to transfer that skill when judging Law 12.

Another DOGSO, where it’s believed that the AR doesn’t see the correct picture.  Let’s ignore whether or not this should be Serious Foul Play.  In a sense, the AR should go in the following order:

  1. Recognize that Law 12 foul/no foul has taken clear precedence

  2. See the foul

  3. Take the picture

  4. Raise the flag & say “Foul”

  5. Find the referee

  6. Strongly state that you have “Red” and then why (no defenders near enough)

The reason why the picture is taken even before you start raising the flag or saying foul, is quite similar to offside.  One or two frames too late, and the answer changes.  Hence why it appears so early in the order of operations that an assistant referee executes when faced with DOGSO situations.  
One final point.  There have been multiple cases of an assistant referee quickly and loudly stating "Yellow"....but following up with considerations for a red card.  If need be, take an extra second to pause or insert the referee’s name.  This might help the “accidental blurting” of the comfortable answer and allow you to express the real answer you have in mind.

Winner - MLS Call of the Week #17 - Claudiu Badea

Claudiu Badea with a healthy win

Claudiu Badea with a healthy win

MLS Call of the Week #18

There are two very contrasting decisions for your choices of call of the Week #18.
The first is from Ben Hall-Volpenhein who highlights why it is important to stay focused the entire 90 minutes or really 97 minutes of a match and that the trailing AR’s responsibility is to watch behind the play. Houston as just scored a goal but two players behind the referee’s back decided to get into some good old violent conduct. The VOR was only able to capture the grainy images shown in the clips as all the cameras were focused on the goal itself. On the AR’s advice the referee sent off both players. It is hard to see what the Houston player did first (he stomps on the opponent’s foot) but you can see the clear kick from the NYRB player in retaliation.
The second choice speaks for itself when you watch Adam Garner use Wait and See to allow this goal for LAFC. Really a very fine decision.

Ben Hall-Volpenhein

Adam Garner

Who had Call of the Week #18?
Adam Garner - Sporting KC v Los Angeles FC
Ben Hall-Vanholpein - Houston v NY Red Bulls