MLS Week #29 September 15-16

Week 29 includes a quick confirmation on the correct position to be taken by assistant referee on corner kicks. An example of a little more VAR delay needed. Did we get it right in Real Salt Lake vs Minnesota video review? We show the definitive angle that proves it. Two choices for Call of the Week.

Make sure that you look thru the VAR delay procedure outlined in the last report to make sure you are up to date with proper procedures.

If you have any doubt in your offside decision - you are not going to raise the flag, period.


Example of an AR who moves out of position before a corner kick

Along the way someone, somewhere must have said something about FIFA changing what the correct position for ARs to take on corner kicks. All of a sudden we have found some assistants standing off the goal line (where the ball is positioned) with the second to last defender.
Although this is not really a big deal in the scope of assistant referee positioning, there has be no advice from FIFA to change from standard procedure, which is to stand at the corner flag to judge the ball crossing the goal line. The Laws of the Game only refer to the assistant referee’s position as one that is not in the way of the kicker and to make sure the ball is positioned correctly. After having spoken to the leading FIFA instructors in the world, they confirm that there has been no official change.
The only minor quirk that has unofficially occurred is the the AR may stand on the second to last defender in the highly unlikely event that there would be a quick immediate offside decision to make. For example, when the kicker makes a short pass to a team mate who stops the ball for him to take a second kick and the second to last defender is not standing on the goal line.
PRO ARs will remain on the corner flag until the ball is in play as normal. If the PRO AR does not feel they are capable of moving two or three yards while the ball is in the air to be in position for the next possible offside decision, they should consider retiring.


This flag is delayed….but we need it to be a little more delayed. Allow the shot to be taken. This is a correct decision, but as you can see it is tight. This is exactly the decision that needs the VAR delay.



A difficult decision where the AR follows correct procedures and gets it right by taking advantage of video review. We can prove it, even though the VAR did not have the correct angle to see the offside infraction, the Metrica camera captured the moment of the offside.
What does the AR do right? First she has MN Quintero in offside position on the original header, but there is a possible touch by another Minnesota player when Quinteros is in a very tight offside position. Having doubt, she correctly keeps her flag down. It is inconclusive whether MN Maximiliano touches the ball or not, the referee also does not know if there was a touch. However the AR does know that Quinteros was offside on the original header. Once the VAR and the referee both cannot confirm that Maximiliano did not touch the ball, offside is given. This is a good video review to correct the “error” of keeping the flag down.
This was a complicated offside situation where the AR had the courage to keep the flag down when she had doubt about a possible second touch. The metrica footage below proves her correct in her final decision.

Metrica view (not available to VAR)




Felisha Mariscal vs Adam Garner. Both with big decision this week. For Felisha we saw one decision that is correct thru Video Review and there was another good decision just prior. For Adam Garner, we always like correct decision where the attacker looks to be way offside, but the AR has correctly, in this case, spotted a lazy defender moving up slowly keeping the attacker onside. Choose who had the best of the week.

Felisha Mariscal

Adam Garner

Who had Call of the Week #29?
Felisha Mariscal - Real Salt Lake v Minnesota
Adam Garner - San Jose v Sporting KC