MLS Week #20 July 11-14

Kyle Atkins in Colombia for the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games.  First game Colombia v Costa Rica.

Kyle Atkins in Colombia for the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games.  First game Colombia v Costa Rica.

In Week 20 we missed and opportunity to use the VAR delay, so we highlight it again so that all of you will remember to make it part of you assistant referee repertoire.   Communication with the referee on a serious foul play tackle makes sure that the correct decision is taken.  All three choices for Call of the Week show some of the best qualities of PRO ARs in a rather quiet week on the AR front. 



Communicating with the referee on hard tackles doesn't always mean you need to go straight to "red" or "yellow".  Sometimes it is best to give them the information that you have that the referee can piece together to make a final decision.   In this short clip for LAFC the referee is caught on the wrong side of this tackle and cannot clearly see the point of contact.  AR 2 gives him the point of contact which he is missing to make the correct final decision of serious foul play.  The AR can clearly see the point of contact and is in a credible position to give that information.


The answer, is never, since after review the attacker was onside...but since the AR in live play has a close offside decision a VAR delay is needed. Fortunately, the referee correctly holds his whistle until after the ball settles in to the net, allowing for the review.  However, a raised flag can cause defenders to slow down or not challenge for a ball assuming a whistle is forthcoming.   We can't let them have this "excuse" when the goal might be rescinded.  The flag needs to be kept down until the shot is taken. 


WINNER - CALL OF THE WEEK #19 - Peter Balciunas

week 19.jpg


Mike Kampmeinert in Orlando takes the mental picture of the shot and knows that Orlando is onside on the rebound. Jason White sees LAFC's Dio time his run perfectly giving any benefit of the doubt to the attack and Brian Poeschel knows that the near side defender is keeping everyone onside, so there is no line of vision issue.  He also correctly lets the VAR know, who was checking for that possibility, not noting the STLO. 




Who had Call of the Week #20?
Mike Kampmeinert - Orlando v Toronto
Jason White - Los Angeles FC v Portland
Brian Poeschel - NY Red Bull v Sporting KC