MLS Week #14 May 30 - June 2

This week -   

  • An offside decision from Atlanta where VAR delay could have been used to correct a flag. 
  • A deliberate play example to be put in the memory bank should it occur in your match someday.
  • An offside or not incident from Dallas
  • Rebounded shots offside decisions as Call of the Week choices 


In Atlanta there is an wrong offside flag that falls into the  clear and obvious level, because there is a good camera angle to show it. It is not an easy offside decision as you see two of the defenders run up in unison just as the pass is made, but both clearly keep the far attacker onside.  Video review cannot check this decision because the whistle definitely goes before the ball is in the net. 
Can we VAR delay this flag? 
Yes.  The offside attacker (the one that is actually onside) plays a one time ball where he has three teammates in good position to score.  Reading this play, the AR should wait until after the cross has been made before raising the flag.  Putting it up on the scoring shot.  If the attacker had taken several touches before making the cross we would expect an earlier flag - unless he had created a clear goal scoring opportunity for himself. The VAR delay has no definite time frame, but it is a reading of the play on very close offside decisions and making a conscious decision to delay the moment of raising the flag to allow for a review to take place. 
Again, and we emphasize this, there always must be a decision on the field.  If you have offside, the flag should go up.  All we are asking is to delay so the whistle will not come too early. 


Since we have been talking about what is a deliberate play recently - here is a deliberate play by a defender.  However, it doesn't really matter since the attacker was not in an offside position on the original cross.  Yet if you see this type of action by a defender is considered a deliberate play.  He has time - (cross is coming from 20 yards away) - he has control of his body - he moves towards the ball.  All elements that point to a deliberate play. 


From the vault of unusual offside situations comes this incident in Dallas.  Is this interfering with an opponent?  Is he gaining an advantage?  Should the flag be raised?

What should you do? 

What should you do? - Dallas v Vancouver
No Offside - No Flag
Offside - Raise flag right away
Offside - Raise flag if he interferes
Please Specify:


Winner - Call of the Week #13 - Katy Nesbitt

week 13.jpeg


The Call of the Week #14 choices features two incidents where there is a crazy sequence of events.  One ends in a goal and the other is cleared off the line.  Both have players in offside position who do not interfere and both have rebounds that are played back in, both are correctly judged as not offside.  Adam Wienckowski in NYFC first has to judge that David Villa is even with the STLO on the original shot and then remember that goal scorer Morales was behind the ball on the second shot. Jeremy Kieso correctly does not raise the flag on the initial header as the far defender is keeping him on and then on the second header the players in offside position are not interfering with play.  Who did it best? 



Who had Call of the Week #14?
Adam Wienckowski - NYFC v Orlando
Jeremy Kieso - Los Angeles Galaxy v FC Dallas