MLS Week #5 March 30-31

This week was a solid week for PRO assistant referees.  No KMI errors and some good assisting on penalty situations, misconduct, some scuffles, and even helping the VAR.   Of course there was the usual excellent offside decisions also. It's the type of week that helps you forget about the storms in March. 
This week we look at some good concentration on offside decision coming from deflections and rebounds.  A quick glance into the world of VAR and another What Should You Do? incident. 


This week there were three incidents where a ball was either deflected or hit a cross bar to come back to an attacker.  In all the cases the ARs were correct in their decisions, showing good concentration. 

The first is from Real Salt Lake where Toronto score a goal of a rebound off the crossbar.  The best angle shows the attacker even with the STLD on the shot.  The AR does well to take that mental picture at the moment of the shot, so that they will be ready for any quick of rebound. 


Next, Colorado scores a goal off a save from a defender, but appears to be clearly offside at the taking of the shot. (Note: the action of the defender is considered a save and not a deliberate play as the ball was going towards goal.)  However, the wide shot reveals a slow moving defender near the AR.  Good concentration to not lose focus of the STLD. 


The final situation is from the Columbus v Philadelphia match.  Another long range shot is taken, but this time is spilled by the goalkeeper to a grateful attacker who easily tucks it in.  Where was that attacker on the shot?  Clearly onside, but again, taking that mental picture at that moment of the shot, makes this decision relatively easy. 



In PRO's opinion this is not offside.   When considering line of vision in deciding an offside offence it is important to consider these factors:

  • Shot Distance
  • Attacker Movement
  • Goalkeeper
  • Trajectory of the ball

In this case, the most important consideration is the ball is coming from a far distance (approx 16 yds) with the goalkeeper being able to see the trajectory of the ball almost from the first contact.  The attacker's action is to avoid being hit by the ball and there is no an attempt to play the ball, or more importantly an action that would clearly impact the goalkeeper.   

What should you do? - DAL v POR?
This is offside
This is not offside
Please Specify:


What should you do when an offside positioned attacker makes a clear attempt to play the ball but misses and the ball goes to an onside attacker who nearly scores?  Is this offside?  Answer next week. 

What should you do? - CLB v VAN?
This is offside
This is not offside
Please Specify:


This week we give you a quick glance into the VOR - (Video Operations Room) to see how an assistant referee helps out in a check of a DOGSO incident in Houston.  As all red cards are automatically checked by the VAR, the attack or phase of possession immediately prior to the DOGSO red card needs to be checked for any clear and obvious errors.   In this case, when you listen to the audio, you will hear the AR give the VAR a quick reminder to check the close offside decision that lead to the break.  The VAR does it quickly and spots that the attacker was actually in his own half of the field and the DOGSO decision stands. (The clip only contains that portion of the check.)  This is good work by the assistant. 

Winner - CALL OF THE WEEK #4 - Oscar Mitchell Carvalho

week 4 win.jpeg

Editor's Note:  It was actually Cameron Blanchard in NE and not Kyle Atkins. (In case you feel bad for Kyle) We forgot that NE's cameras are reversed.


This week's Call of the Week choices come from two of the most challenging games of the weekend, Orlando v NY Red Bulls and LA Galaxy v LA Football Club.  Each match featured 7 goals, late winning goals and a difficult test for the assistants.  You will need to choose between Frank Anderson's tight double offside decision and Cameron Blanchard who keeps the flag down when he spots the defender stepping up a frame too late...and these were just two of several good decisions they made during their matches.  An very good performance indeed. (ROTAS)



Who had Call of the Week #5?
Cameron Blanchard - Orlando v NY Red Bulls
Frank Anderson - LA Galaxy v LA Football Club