MLS Week #4 March 24

Last season may have been a very good season, but that is in the past and PRO ARs must prove themselves again this season.  They must prove themselves every game.  Although errors will inevitably happen, work rate to stay in good position and concentration are the factors that can reduce them. 
This week we look at an offside error. that fortunately does not result in a goal.  We are using this error as an learning tool for all, so as to not have it happen again. 
Also this week a good "What Should You Do? poll for an offside decision that deals with line of vision and of course, the Call of the Week. 


This is as long a clip as you will ever see in a report, but it was important to look at what led to the error so we all can use it as a learning point.  
The action before the offside incident is what we would describe as normal play in the defensive end with some casual pressure at first. The AR is not keeping pace with play and can be seen walking, allowing himself to be out of position, simply, there is a low work rate.  This work rate has to change quickly when Columbus increases the pressure, creates a turn-over and a quick counter attack.  The AR has to go from casual to full concentration in five seconds and in our opinion is not ready to make the offside decision.  There are three attackers in the area, one in offside position-but clearly out of the play.  The other two are not in offside position, and the player that does receive the ball at no point is past the second to last defender.
There is no need for a quick flag here.   We have emphasized two things in the past seasons and will say them again.  There is no need for a quick flag almost ever, and with the addition of VAR, even less so.  There is nothing wrong with talking a breath and a moment to think before raising the flag.   It is the accuracy of the decision, not speed, that is most important and we know that position with concentration is the ultimate guarantor of accuracy


Is this offside, interfering with an opponent?  There is no doubt the attacker is in offside position, however,  should the goal be called back?  What would you do.

What should you do? - DAL v POR?
This is offside
This is not offside
Please Specify:


call 3.jpg


In a week with less than the normal number of matches, there were less than the normal number of great decisions to pick from. However, we still found two. 
Difficult to spot, but a long pass creates an offside situation and a break away near the center of the field, with one attacker in offside position (possible interference?) and a second even with the second to last defender.  Oscar Mitchell-Carvalho is concentrating a correctly keeps the flag down in Colorado.
The second choice is clear to see, and admittedly a much easier decision, but we had to find some competition for the Colorado decision.  Kyle Atkins keeps the flag down because the attacker is even with a line of defenders, but not by much on NY Football Club’s goal.



Who had Call of the Week #4?
Oscar Mitchell-Carvalho - Colorado v Sporting KC
Kyle Atkins - New England v NY Football Club