considerations for Challenges

FIFA’s long list of considerations has been simplified in attempt to have a more consistent application of the Laws of the Game. Overriding all the consideration is the basic concept of Protect the Safety of the Players.
Here are the considerations that you should use when analyzing challenges.

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What is the point of contact

  • Foot/Boot

  • Achilles

  • Above the ankle

  • Face vs. body


Speed + Intensity = Force

  • Lunging vs. standing position

  • Elbow thrown vs. used for balance

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What part of the body does the player use to make the challenge?

  • Side of the boot vs. leg vs. studs

  • Forearm vs. elbow

  • Open hand vs. Fist

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What is the position of the body of the player committing the challenge?

  • Foot on the ground vs. high in the air

  • Straight leg vs. bent leg

  • Straight arm vs. elbow

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Does the player challenge for the ball or have an opportunity to play the ball?

  • Late tackle vs No play on the ball

  • Part of a challenge vs a Secondary action

  • Towards the ball vs towards the opponent




Yellow Card - Late challenge on the ground/foot with attempt to play the ball

Yellow Card - Late challenge on the foot with attempt to play the ball

Yellow Card - tackle from standing position, glancing contact

Red Card - straight leg, contact is above the ankle

Red Card - comes from distance with speed, lunging action, straight leg, contact is high above the ankle

Red Card - needs no explanation, many red card considerations

Red Card - contact to face, use of thrown elbow